A hip new Latino has landed in Point Frederick. He likes a little rhumba and has a penchant for palm trees.


Frederico’s, better known as Freddie’s, is a new Latin American two-storey bar and restaurant located on the Gosford waterfront. It’s a fresh new destination bringing fiesta vibes and Carnival colour back to the Gosford CBD.

Staff wearing crisp white shirts and tan leather aprons (stamped with Freddie’s initial), invite you to take your pick of the seating. The al fresco dining area overlooks Brisbane Water while the bar, with its rattan bar stools, provides an intimate show of cocktail showmanship and mixology.

The décor is fresh and colourful. Talavera-style Mexican tiles line the bar while Monstera-leaf wallpaper, Cuban posters and neon ‘Hola Chica’ signs line the walls.

The space has been realised by co-owners Monique Keoghand and Natasha Nicholson— the same energetic duo who run the Ettalong fine-dining establishment The Box on the Water. Monique describes their new venue as ‘a really fun bar and eatery with Latino personality and flair.’

‘We wanted to do something different,’ she says. ‘The idea was to do something that was fun, approachable and with a lot of scope.

’Frederico’s menu is designed to share, and the recipes hail from different parts of Latin America. You’ll find Peruvian snapper ceviche with fresh lime and coriander, Dadinhos de tapioca (cheesy tapioca cubes with a sweet and sour dipping sauce) from Brazil, and spicy fried chicken wings with smoked chipotle dip from Puerto Rico.

The Arroz con mariscos y pollo is our pick of the dishes, glistening with a rich tomato sauce. This South American paella-style fried rice packs a flavour punch with chorizo, chicken, prawns, and mussels. The spiced steak fajitas stuffed with capsicum, onion and garlic are a local favourite and, on Wednesdays, you can get bottomless fillings for just $25! The flour tortillas arrive deconstructed so you can stack your own —we recommend a large dollop of guacamole, a big squeeze of lime and don’t be shy with the coriander.

Their cocktail list is suitably heavy with mescal and rum, and their Blood Orange martini comes with a warning that it’s only for the courageous. We’ve perused many a menu and sipped manya margarita, and by far the most exciting combination we’ve seen anywhere is Freddie’s Design-a-Margarita. You can choose between gold or silver tequila, and whether you’ll have it shaken or frozen. You can opt to stick with the classic tequila, triple sec and lime, or embrace a flavour that’s a little more Freddie, suchas chilli and mango, or lychee and jalapeno, perhaps? Our advice(across return visits, of course): try them all and don’t skimp on the salt.

Many of the wines are befittingly Latin American in origin, so you can order a Tempranillo from Brazil, Carmenere from Chile,or a Malbec from Argentina. Their craft beers, meanwhile, are impressively local: Six Strings from Erina, Four Pines from Manly and Young Henrys from Newtown.

Before departing, we recommend ending your evening with churros and an espresso rum-tini. If Freddie’s ‘lust for life’ has taken hold, request a double shot of the spiced rum and take a spoon to the remaining dulce de leche. We know you won’t be holding back.

Frederico’s, 61 Masons Parade, Point Frederick
Open Wednesday to Sunday 12pm till late.



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