How to choose the best school for your child.
The uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 restrictions at the start of 2021 meant some schools did not hold their usual open days for 2022 enrolments. But parents are still left with having to make the all-important choice that will shape their child’s future education. To help in that decision-making, COAST magazine is presenting a virtual tour of some of the leading independent secondary and K–12 schools on the Central Coast.


For some students, a school’s academic strength is most important, for others sporting or arts facilities are important. Or perhaps STEM subjects are a major focus. Asking your child what they like or dislike in their current school can also be a good lead-in and, lastly, a good indication is how the school responds to your individual questions. Not all independent schools are shown here, but it’s a good starting point.


St Edward’s College

  • A Christian Brothers’ school for boys.
  • Learning opportunities are paramount, and young men are challenged, nurtured and inspired to achieve their personal best in the areas of academia, pastoral care, sport, leadership, spirituality, and extracurricular activities.
  • The school is particularly proud of its state-of-the-art specialist classrooms in science, PDHPE, art and music, TAS, drama, computers, food technology, as well as its contemporary learning centre and library. It has more than 800 computers, an indoor basketball stadium, and three ovals.
  • Gifted and talented students are provided extension programs in all-year groups, together with HSC extension classes.
  • The college also has a strong background in providing support for students with various learning difficulties.
  • It has a rich tradition in sport, and social outreach to those less fortunate.
  • School size: 1,000 boys and 125 staff.

St Joseph’s Catholic College

  • A Josephite school empowering young women and encouraging them to strive for their personal best in all areas.
  • Teaching programs are embedded with the elements of the Quality Teaching Framework, with access to the latest technology, a strong pastoral care system and a rich and comprehensive student leadership program.
  • The school provides a rich and diverse range of co-curricular activities including sport, dance, drama, Rock Eisteddfod, choir, social justice, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.


Central Coast Adventist School

  • Operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, this is a co-educational, non-academically selective K–12 school that seeks to deliver an authentically Christian and uniquely Adventist education experience.
  • Academia, sporting pursuits, the arts, personal development, leadership and authentic spirituality all have their focus within the school program and in the extended community.
  • An extra-curricular program provides outdoor education, numerous cultural pursuits, and sporting teams with representation through to the highest levels.
  • The school welcomes parental involvement in school life and actively pursues an identity of being a part of, not apart from, the local community.


Central Coast Grammar School

  • An independent, K–12, co-educational, non-selective and non-denominational school.
  • Harvard University’s ‘Teaching for Understanding’ framework guides a whole-school approach to teaching and learning. It has a technology-rich learning environment, as well as a comprehensive co-curricular program that includes performing arts, robotics, outdoor education, sport and more.
  • In recent years, 30 per cent of its HSC students seeking an ATAR have achieved 90 or above.
  • Needs-driven learning extends high potential learners, and supports those coping with learning challenges.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in projects that contribute to communities at a local, national and international level.
  • School size: 1,290 student.


Central Coast Steiner School

  • An independent school offering a dynamic, creative and contemporary educational pathway from early childhood to Year 10. Its vision of education is one that focuses on the wellbeing, growth and development of individual students.
  • Lessons are shaped to incorporate collaboration, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • The school is particularly proud of its facilities, including: a purpose-built laboratory, art studio, multi-purpose hall, teaching kitchen, performance stages, highly resourced library, as well as adaptive classrooms.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay involved in their children’s education through the Parent Community Network.


ET Australia College (Employment and Training Australia)

  • An independent, Years 7–12 secondary college and adult training college with a focus on providing students the skills to be successful in a career in the workforce or further study.
  • Students’ aspirations are aligned with the right training college program or a secondary college pathway plan to assist in achieving their goals.
  • The college has an academic focus on literacy, numeracy and the importance of a good work ethic, and empowers students with a balance of freedom and responsibility.
  • Students are treated as young adults with teachers and students alike on first-name terms, no school uniforms, and no homework.
  • There is a no-bullying policy adhered to by teachers.
  • ETASC’s Gifted and Talented Program aims to develop students’ skills in a real-world context that also accommodates individual learning needs to develop the student’s natural abilities.


Green Point Christian College

  • The college encourages the development of the spiritual, social, intellectual, cultural and physical potential of each student – achieving well academically as well as in other endeavours including sport, representative sport, music, maths, English extension, and science, and to flourish in life.
  • The school is particularly proud of its focus on the Graduate Profile, which highlights five key areas including godly character, exercising collaboration, life-long learning, creative and critical thinking, and being socially engaged.
  • HSC results are strong with a majority of students achieving in the Band 4/5 range, and with a number of students reaching a Band 6 average result. The College is proud of the many early university offers that its students enjoy each year.
  • 2019 NAPLAN results included 100 per cent of Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 students achieving at or above the National Minimum Standard in Writing (NMS). The college achieved higher scores than the state in every year group and in every section.
  • The college employs an Enrichment Team to support all children from K–12 who need adjusted learning.
  • Extra-curricular activities include debating, public speaking opportunities, surf safety, chess, and representative sport options. The college also has a well-developed music tutor program and concert bands.
  • The school takes a strong stand on bullying, which is upheld by teaching staff and the executive team in consultation with parents and carers. It educates students in pro-social and positive behaviour programs.
  • The school engages in regular community service and volunteer opportunities, as well as a structured missions program.
  • The school communicates with parents through a number of channels including a Parent Portal where parents can access notes and teacher emails, notes home with students, email, social media, and a weekly newsletter where parents can view upcoming events.
  • If a child is sick or otherwise absent, homework or lesson material is provided through the parent or student portals, and by communicating with parents upon the student’s return to school.
  • School size: 1,000 students


Central Coast Sports College

  1. Offers a unique academic environment where the responsibility for learning is handed back to the student, and teachers act as mentors and guides rather than directors.
  2. It’s not just about academics and it’s not just about sport. CCSC feels strongly about each child’s overall development.
  3. The college is proudly progressive, and is committed to an active education that provides access to a wide portfolio of sports and activities to not only stimulate the students but also promote good health and wellbeing.
  4. The college continues to extend its sports programs and activities to engage more students with their sport of choice.


Lakes Grammar Anglican School

  • A co-educational K–12 school operated by the Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation.
  • Its vision reflects the Christian foundation of the school, with a focus on learning for a purpose and students’ responsibilities to others.
  • The school has a comprehensive curriculum and strives to provide excellent learning experiences in all key learning areas. Life-long learning habits are developed through ‘Building Learning Power’.
  • Students with additional learning needs are catered for by the Learning Support teams and gifted students by the Gifted Education facilitators.
  • There is a Year 5/6 Opportunity Class and, in the Senior School, a program called ‘Cognito’ which provides a wide range of opportunities for students to explore areas of interest more deeply.

MacKillop Catholic College

  • A college for families seeking an authentic Catholic education for their child, available from Kindergarten to Year 12.
  • The school is particularly proud of its reputation for providing spiritual enrichment, quality academic support, leadership programs, sporting and cultural experiences and opportunities.


Wyong Christian Community School

  • A ministry of Wyong Baptist Church, the school is a well-established co-educational school based on biblical beliefs, values and behaviours. It provides an environment in which students from Kindergarten to year 12 flourish academically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Working hard, being kind, showing respect, valuing others, speaking the truth in love, providing correction from a loving perspective and being effective peacemakers are all important Biblical principles.
  • The school is also keen to see students fulfilling their potential in performing arts, sports, community service and being learners for life.
  • It is consistently ranked in the Top 5 schools for HSC results on the Central Coast (across the last three years).
  • It has a Dedicated Learning Support Team; Years 7 and 8 Creative Arts ‘Working Beyond’ classes for students gifted in creative and performing arts; and academic extension opportunities.
  • The school interacts with its broader community by sharing facilities and participating in community events, as well as students volunteering in various areas of our local community.
  • Parents are kept in touch through the school app, email, one-on-one between teachers and parents. Regular school community events.


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