SUMMER 23/24


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… The secret is that very special place that the Central Coast has become.

There was a chance that locals would be dismayed at sharing the secret, but it turns out many didn’t realise the full extent of the secret themselves.

It lies just 90 minutes from Sydney, and the same distance from Newcastle. It has 41 beaches, 10 National Parks and State Forests (including two arboretums), breathtaking coastal walks rated among the best in Australia, and one of country’s first protected marine parks. There are 87 km of coastline and an overly generous abundance of waterways (and the east coast’s only — world class — pearling grounds). In fact, the natural environment represents more than half the Central Coast’s total land area.

All this natural beauty and proximity to both Sydney and Newcastle has been coupled with an influx of sea-changer chefs who have opened new restaurants, cafés and bakeries; there are bustling boutiques; and holiday getaways to suit the most discerning tastes, as well as holiday homes for those who crave the simple life.

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