SUMMER 23/24

On their first date, Robbie arrived in his gleaming, white convertible and Brett jumped in the car with a jam donut!


‘Luckily, Robbie’s passion for food runs deep into his personal values,’ says Brett. ‘It creates togetherness, conversation, opportunities and ways to experience new things.’

‘We challenge each other in a good way,’ says Robbie.’ We keep each other grounded. We are both passionate and different and yet, at the end of the day, we want the same thing.

‘Robbie’s deep love for me is comforting. He will always do small acts that really show me that he has been thinking about me.  I know that everything he does is with our life in mind.’

With their instant connection and energy, Robbie and Brett both knew that their initial meeting was going to become something.

The couple share a love for good food and developed an instant connection over their combined joy of shopping, cooking, preparing and eating great meals.  They keep a file of best restaurants and have a wish list of dining-out goals. And for their first six weeks of dating they would recreate their first date with dinner every week at the same restaurant.

After two weeks, Robbie had virtually moved in, and had a key. The attraction, friendship, love was fast and fabulous. It’s a love that oozes hospitality, parties, travel, and discovery. A love begun, nourished, nurtured and lived all around the food. 

‘Sure, he drives me completely insane at times,’ says Brett. ‘But this is also a cuteness, and it’s a trait about him that makes me also love him more deeply. When I am with Robbie, I feel warm, secure, loved and entertained. We laugh so hard at times, at and with each other.’ 

For Brett and Robbie, their desire to marry was very much about celebrating their union, and their wedding day was the outward expression of their love and relationship.

‘Our whole life revolves around food and it was vital that the venue we chose for our wedding really focused on this. As soon as we walked into Bell’s at Killcare, we were sold. Plus it really did cater for everything: the ceremony, reception and accommodation. It was like the venue was purpose-built for us, right down to even doing a bespoke menu that catered specifically to our requirements, and the delivered result was absolutely outstanding. Our guests gave rave reviews!’ 

‘It was just so incredible and uplifting to see the love, happiness and emotion on everyone faces as we walked down the aisle,’ says Brett. ‘Our wonderful celebrant, Sarah, who is the most incredible individual you could meet, suggested we face our guests during our ceremony to better share our love story.

‘We really got to take in the whole ceremony, connect with our guests, and enjoy the whole experience. That, and the band getting everyone singing our ceremony song and inspiring absolutely every one of our guests up on the dance floor, was the best feeling.’

Brett and Robbie’s original wedding date was for May 2020 but it was cancelled six weeks out due to the first Sydney Covid lockdown. More than a year on, Robbie and Brett recognise Covid revealed to them what was important.

‘In all honestly, Covid made us strip things back to what meant the most, which was sharing the love – and the food – with our family and friends.’

‘I am so lucky to have Brett in my life,’ says Robbie. ‘I admire Brett’s strength on what he is passionate about. I love his ability to create, think and feel. He always has the other person’s intentions in mind and gives 1000 per cent to different projects and creations.  He is always supportive of me, and I can count on him in any situation.  And of course, Brett’s beautiful eyes. How could you possibly look away?  When I am with Brett, I feel safe and I feel empowered that we can do or create anything we want.’




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