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HOW WE MET: NICK & CHLOE, The Stables of Somersby
Chloe and Nick met at her brother’s wedding, where Nick was the DJ.


‘I remember this handsome, young man in a neat and tidy suit, and he made an awful attempt at pronouncing the groom’s last name to introduce my brother and sister-in-law,’ says Chloe. ‘To be fair, it is difficult, but he made an effort.’

Her first impression of Nick was that he took his DJ business seriously, but that there was also a giant kid inside who was quick with a smile and a laugh.

‘I also remember being horrified when he began to wind down the night and changed the music from stereo to mono. He was shocked that I even recognised the difference and was quite put out – even though he still tells everyone I first liked him for his mad DJ skills.’

As the night went on, Chloe asked Nick for his Facebook page. He thought she was just a fan of his DJing but instead of just liking his page, she added him as a friend and they immediately got talking.

‘I thought Chloe was a successful and super important person (like a lawyer or something),’ recalls Nick. ‘It was the way she held herself and how she could carry a conversation. She was super intelligent and personable. We got along instantly.’

Their first date included Chloe’s son, Riley. Nick had promised to take Riley to the beach but to fulfil that promise meant he had to ditch plans to meet his mates at the pub and forgo a Mexican lunch. That impressed Chloe. And the bonus was that Nick and Riley hit it off well too.

On one of their early coffee dates, Chloe made it clear to Nick that she never saw herself getting married. The journey to their decision to marry became a five-year, immersive rollercoaster of working, finishing degrees, setting up a home and in the last years, also navigating a global pandemic and lockdowns.

‘Chloe is my rock,’ says Nick. ‘She keeps me grounded and holds me accountable. She isn’t a fussy person. Instead of big fancy dinners and dates, we both love having burgers and shakes. We both love Marvel and going to the movies and we both push each other to be the best versions of ourselves and celebrate each other’s success.’

‘For me, marriage means always working to see, support, respect and appreciate the person that you choose to be with every day,’ says Chloe. ‘As long as you can accept the lows that come with the highs and use them to develop a stronger relationship, you encourage each other to grow more into yourselves.’

Being a professional in the wedding industry, when it came to their own wedding, Nick had a clear sense of what they wanted and how to navigate their choices.

‘Neither of us were huge on the traditional parts of weddings,’ he says. ‘We just knew that we wanted less of the strict formalities and more fun and laughter to fill our day. We chose a fifties theme as a fun way of getting everyone to step outside the norm of formal wear into something that would show their personalities.

‘We didn’t want to “disappear” for photos, and The Stables of Somersby provided really easy access and kept all our guests close to us. We wanted them to feel included and for us to have a proper time to catch up.’

Chloe recalls two big moments from their wedding.

‘My grandmother came up to me and gave me one of my grandfather’s handkerchiefs. Their marriage has been the benchmark for what love and respect looked like in a marriage and it was lovely that she just knew to bring a piece of him to be there for me.

‘Another key moment was when Riley approached us and told us that he wanted to change his last name to Nick’s surname, Read.’

So much has happened since their wedding. Nick and Chloe have welcomed a daughter into the family and now they have a teenager and a baby in the house at the same time.

Ceremony and reception The Stables of Somersby
Photographer Jennifer Burch Photography
Celebrant/officiant Monty King Celebrant
Musicians Ben & Vee (Ben Woodham and Veronika Lawson)
DJ/MC Timeless Wedding Entertainment (Tim Densley and Koby Densley).
Videographer  Euphoria Films (Will David)
Suits ASOS (suits) YD (shirt), Connor (Groomsmen Shirts).
Dress Kel-Leigh Couture
Flowers Flowers By Louise
Catering The Nighthawk Diner
Desserts and grazing table Sugar Style
Hair and makeup Divine Hair & Makeup (Fiona Rogers)



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