SUMMER 23/24

PHOTOS BY STEVE PASSLOW. The ruggedly beautiful sea caves at Ghosties Beach and Snapper Point are jealously guarded by the elements.


Although the Munmorah sea caves are accessible from Munmorah State Recreation Area and Catherine Hill Bay, the coastline is rugged and wild, involving rock climbs and rough tracks, as well as an understanding of the tide, wind strength and direction, wave height and swell size in order to reach the caves.

And last, but by no means least, you need to be a strong sea swimmer if you are caught by the incoming tide. Phone reception is poor and the caves are quite isolated.

It’s erratic and can be dangerous and even Steve Passlow, the experienced photographer who took these photos, only decides to proceed once he gets to the area and can assess conditions. So now that we’ve tempted you with his beautiful photographs, we hope you can appreciate their rugged beauty from afar.

Or walk the Moonee Beach Walking Trail in the Munmorah Conservation Area (see COAST magazine Summer print issue, 2020) that is suitable for beginners (and kids) with a moderate level of fitness.


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